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5 reasons why studios-to-rent is the best idea for your summer 2021 holidays

by: Στέλλα Μεταξά May 11, 2021

As Corona Virus (COVID19) travel restrictions are being gradually lifted in Europe (specifically in Greece from 15th of May) and a summer holiday by the sea is looking possible now more than before, you may be wondering if and how you can enjoy summer 2021 without additional anxiety from the virus. We all need some time away, especially after isolating in our homes, to recharge our batteries and get that precious “Vitamin Sea”, that will allow us to return rejuvenated back home.

 Small scale businesses such as furnished apartments and studios to let may be the ideal way to have control over our health and safety, as they allow us to manage social distancing and interaction with others can be limited to the extent we desire. They are the perfect solution for this summer’s special circumstances because:

1.       They have no indoor common areas with other guests like elevators, restaurants, lobbies, fitness rooms, that are the no1 places for the virus to spread inside every hotel. They have independent entry and access to the studio-apartment is private.

2.       You can cook your own meals in your own kitchenette inside the studio and so you can be sure of what your family is eating, avoiding crowding in a restaurant of uncertain hygiene.

3.       The studio is cleansed thoroughly by a professional cleaner and has been dissinfected before you enter. Also, it is easy to customize your room service; if you wish to avoid anyone entering your studio at the whole duration of your stay, you can do so, by asking for the clean towels and sheets and change them yourself. Cleaning can be done by an authorised external cleaner with extra cost.

4.       You have your own private bathroom-wc and there is no common bathroom that other guests may use.

5.       You will avoid common transport like buses and planes, because you can come to the studio with your own car and use it around the area for swimming and exploring.

Don’t forget that the sea and the sun are essential to your health and well being. Vitamin D from the sun boosts your immune system and the sea iodine strengthens the lungs. Covid-19 should not deprive you from your right to enjoy your summer holidays with your loved ones. Choose wisely your summer destination, perhaps a beach off the beaten track, like Possidi in Halkidiki, where it is less likely to get crowded and prefer a professional rental business from a private rental, as authorized businesses have to follow the disinfection procedures and Government standards for hotels. Enjoy safe holidays this summer and follow the basic hygiene advice of the World Health Organisation (

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