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Possidi is the cape

by: Στέλλα Μεταξά Mar 20, 2020

You haven't experienced Possidi unless you have been to the amazing "Miti" beach at the cape of Possidi. Just behind the university camping and after the legendary Lighthouse "Faro" lies the most exotic beach of Kassandra peninsula!

The so-called "Posidian Nose" is a natural phenomenon of sand deposition in the cape from the sea movement and is of unique beauty. Every year the shape of the sandy peninsula changes and gives a new experience to its visitors. Sometimes turned as a hook to the left, or to the right and sometimes closes its edge inwards and forms ponds with the sealed seawater. All you need for perfect photos!

The total length of the peninsula is about 1 kilometer, so if you do not have a 4x4, you need to walk on the sand for up to 20-25 minutes to reach the edge of the peninsula. For this reason, many visitors swim at the beginning of the “nose” on the left,  at the beach, which is a natural continuation of the beach of Possidi settlement, while those who are more into walking, come closer to the edge to enjoy a double bath on both sides of the “nose”.

One of the main characteristics of Posidi, due to the different orientation of each beach, is that when the sea is wavy on one side, it is calm on the other! This gives a unique scenery at the edge where the two “seas”-beaches join. Only watch the currents that are created just at the tip of the "nose". 

The sunset there is an experience in itself. As you are siting on the beach and you look at the sun setting behind Mount Olympus, the lunar disc rises right behind you! And when its a full moon period, we're talking about a once-in-a-lifetime sensation.

To reach this magical place, follow the road of Possidi village towards the campings and just after the Pohoda beach bar and before the entrance of the University camping you will see a narrow road to your left side with a small sign in Greek language (to the Lighthouse- Faro). It is not an asphalt road but a rural road made of soil. At the end of this road there is a large opening where cars are parked. Leave it there and head right to the lighthouse and the sandy peninsula. You are here!

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